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Sally & George is a musical duo at the crossroads of Americana/rock/country/blues. Based in Nashville, TN. Members are GRAMMY nominated Shelby Means and award winning Joel Timmons.


We are extremely happy to welcome our new baby album Tip My Heart into the world today!

2/10/2017, born at midnight to proud parents, Joel "George" Timmons and Shelby "Sally" Means.

You can purchase your copy here. Please leave us a note on CD Baby with your thoughts on the music! 

American Songwriter Magazine features "Love Is Gonna Live"

We are so stoked that the great album press keeps rolling in! On January 26th, 2017 American Songwriter Magazine (ASM) dropped the song "Love Is Gonna Live" and compared it to Johnny & June and Buck Owens. Classic! 

Brittany McKenna for ASM wrote, "Nothing inspires a deep house clean like the impending visit of a new flame. For Sally & George’s Joel Timmons (“George”), such a visit inspired not only some serious floor scrubbing, but also a new song, “Love Is Gonna Live.” He wrote the verses while sweeping his floor and finished the song with the love interest herself, ex-Della Mae bassist Shelby Means (a.k.a. “Sally”) for a song that is equal parts Buck Owens (“Love’s Gonna Live Here”) and Johnny and June."

Listen to the song and read the full article here

NPR Music: Songs We Love feature Sally & George!

If Buddy Holly is somehow still capable of hearing the sounds emanating from this mortal plane, there’s a good chance he’s sporting a broad grin upon encountering Sally & George.
— NPR Music

NPR goes on to say "the vintage rock 'n' roll heart that shines through this song represents a link to the pre-Boomer generation. Holly's guileless but ineluctable hooks and The Everly Brothers' penchant for marrying pop moves with rock's rhythmic muscle are touchstones here. And the handclaps that provide the track with perfect rhythmic punctuation lend both a mid-'60s touch and just the slightest whiff of retro-conscious postmodernism."

Read the full article and listen to "Tip My Heart" here.

Bluegrass Sitch Premieres "Hey Wow"

“Hey Wow” will remind you of Johnny and June, but it’s really Sally & George. Their new album drops February 10th!
— The Bluegrass Situation

Very happy to share a song with y'all before the official release! Follow the link below for the full story from the Bluegrass Situation.

Preorder "Tip My Heart" today

Our debut album is a collection of 12 songs that offer a glimpse into our hearts and musical journey together.

We have been working on this labor of love for about two years. These are 12 deeply personal songs that offer a window into our lives over the past few years. Some of these songs were written individually before this band existed, and some of them were written together, as our band and love grew. The songs tell a true story of longing for true love and eventually finding it. The arrangements on this record are stipped-down, allowing the duet vocals to hold the spotlight. You can hear Sally’s bluegrass and folk pedigree as well as George’s rock and pop influences. A handful of talented friends and family members have contributed pedal steel guitar, fiddles, mandolin, slide guitar, and banjos to set the album firmly in Nashville, Americana’s spiritual home. We were fortunate to work with a variety of talented producers and engineers, including Michael Trent of Shovels & Rope, Tim Carter of the Carter Brothers, and Dan Tinker of Thunderground Studios in Laramie, WY. Now, we are so excited to partner with PledgeMusic to see this project across the finish line and out onto the road.

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